Victorinox is one of those legendary brands that made my childhood worth living. I am referring to the Swiss army knife, that beautiful folding knife we all know and love. Lately, Victorinox diversified their portfolio and started their own line of time pieces, built with the same attention to detail, high end materials and craftsmanship. Enter the Victorinox Swiss Army Chrono Classic 1/100th, one beautiful chronograph watch, one of the coolest watches released in 2013. That, of course, in my humble opinion, don’t start throwing eggs! This Chrono Classic features an unique design and its purpose is to be a high function quartz timepiece, offering a reasonable alternative to higher-priced watch brands like TAG Heur.

[adsense300gray]The design is centered on the concept of a chronograph complication  that is not very obviously displayed on the watch’s dial. Victorinox tried and achieved its goal, at offering their clients a cleaner-looking chronograph watch than its competitors. If the design may look somehow weird, at first glance, it grows on you with time and in the end, you’ll love it. Or hate it, I don’t know, anything is possible. The watch is powered by a Soprod SOP FM13D quartz movement, also Swiss made and it’s water resistant with a  scratch resistant triple coated anti reflective  sapphire crystal. It comes with cool features like luminescent hands or a perpetual calendar, while the body and bracelet are made of high grade stainless steel or leather.