[adsense300gray]One of the most interesting timepieces that I’ve come across so far is a rather unusual one, as it offers something which you won’t find anywhere else. I’m talking about the Arrow smartwatch, the first of its kind that brings a 360 degree rotating camera. If you’re familiar with smartwatches, you know that these small and wise fellows are also equipped with cameras, yet have this feature placed in spaces that leave much to be desired, sometimes making you contort your wrist for capturing the desired image. The problem is solved with Arrow, as this guy will allow you to capture stills and shoot videos at any angle you want, with a nice 8 MP HD camera which is placed on its bezel.

The watch is currently in development and some of its presumed features are Android Wear as the operating system, Qi wireless charging, Bluetooth 4.0 LE, sapphire glass for its 1.61-inch display, a heart rate monitor, GPS and more. Its design is also very stylish, so this smart and innovative fella has a lot to bring into the world and we’re looking forward to hearing about its release date and other relevant information.



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