Have a little chat with Pebble Time Round, the new smartwatch coming out from the Kickstarter esquadron bearing the same calling. On September 23rd 2015, they announced it on their blog, calling them „A new face for Pebble”. At a first glance, you might notice the neat display, the chic color combination, a playful demonstration of style.

What is Pebble?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pebble, they released another timepiece, called simply Pebble Time, also a smartwatch. The big change in terms of design and outlook is, as you may have already noticed in the watch’s shape.

What’s new with the Pebble Time Round?

This time more elegant, more refined, without sparing a single inch. Time Round is for now available in three different editions: black, silver and rose gold, but the manufacturer plans to release quick-change leather bands for the gadget, later in 2015. The band size available, is at 20mm for all the three of them and of 14mm, exclusively for gold rose edition. Pebble Time round is also the thinnest and lightest smartwatch in the world, measuring 7.5mm thin and weighing only 28 grams, as their website details. As a comparison, the Apple edition of a smartwatch weighs between 25 and 69 grams, being 10.5mm thicker, which means, using my complex algebra, 3mm thicker. It might seem a very not so much for some, but for others, like me, it can make a difference. Regarding energy consumption, this little buddy makes a statement using an e-paper screen, thus making it easier to charge (15 minutes of charging equals to one day of using) and more reliable on the long run, the battery can last up to several days, which is less compared to the Pebble Time, a smartwatch of great resilience.

Ordering & Availability

For those who ordered Pebble Time Steel, you can choose to change your mind, and take the round time with a $50 discount. Pebble time round is available online for now, coming in retail stores later, this year for UK, next year for the rest of European market. Take it for a spin, give it a try, this watch can make a great companion for yourself, and also place your trust in it, as it can become the best gift for your loved ones.