Watches are a huge part of a modern man outfit. I mean, the watch should be the first thing somebody takes a note at when looking at you, not the suit. The suit is only the frist thing to be seen, but the wach is the one that makes the difference. The perfume is for feel, the watch is for touch. Watches come in various forms of expression, some are pure handwork, style and class, while others are genuine utility, a simple yet so wide manifest of human intellect and imagination.


They have evolved from a simple tool to a statement of manliness, and Klokers, a fresh project we found out about in the beautiful wilderness of internet, is here to remind us all of it. Their timepiece is both an evocation of the times that past, as well as an independent way of looking at our future, with multilateralism and broad vision. The secret within the words above is found in the KLOK-01 model itself: a graphical representation of a slide rule, which by using three rotating rings (at different speeds, of course)  displays the time in a clever manner. One ring is four hours, the second one for minutes, and the last one is for seconds. They all converge at a single point (a red line, more precisely) thus displaying the exact moment. I find it not only unique, but inspiring. You don’t need to spend that big in the creation process, only to reveal that in the final price. What you need is imagination and flair.

The results can be more than a simple accessory, it can become a whole point of view. Also, there is the KLOK-00, the bracelet, that can be worn all by herself, should the mood of the owner call to that. I give it a straight green light, the concept is cool and stylish, in my opinion one of the best I have seen this whole year, in terms of creativity and design.