We know guys are always on the hunt for a watch with attitude and an empowering design that will make them feel better about their day by simply having it on. Here’s where Refined Hardware comes into play.

With a not so long history, but a very successful one, RH is a watch making company that flawlessly combines the modern feel that will match their product with any outfit, with the raw, bold lines that give the watches an edgy, masculine look. There are three variants created for the latest Refined Hardware collection called Project 2, each of them limited to 33 pieces, made-to-order, hand built and signed by one maker.

All three models remain faithful to the industrial, rough look, but there are noticeable differences between them, designed to cater to each buyer’s personality. The line showcases three styles with details varying from PVD black steel, hand-finished bronze or a flying tourbillon movement encased in a billet of stainless steel.

On top of the unique designs, something about the names of the watches made us want to feature them even more. Representing different fictional characters (with the Gatsby and Rearden Edition), or the actor Steve McQueen, the latest collection is keen on reviving the once great tradition of American watchmaking and give it that indigenous touch.
From our perspective, the Project 2 line has a ‘cool guy’ vibe to it and owning a unique design from it would definitely make you and your personality stand out.