Funny how the tiniest details turn out to be the most fashion-inspiring and how emblematic shapes fit the most unexpected combinations. Inspired by the game of ‘pick-up sticks’, Denis Guidone, an architecture, design and visual communication student, brilliantly projected the Crossover Watch, a refined timepiece, proving once again that simple, graphic designs and innovative mechanisms can come along quite well.

[adsense300gray]Though placing only three elegant hands to indicate the passage of time on the Crossover’s stainless steel face, this gave it the ‘less is more’ effect. The elongated hands ticking around the dial look like they were randomly settled on top of one another, seeming rather fragile than carefully crafted. The second hand is yellow, the minute hand is white and the hour hand is gray and you have to follow the pointed ends to find out the time.

With a diameter measuring 40 mm, the sleek 7.6 mm high Crossover Watch is ready to wear for both men and women. If you’re not that into the ‘all black’ model, you can opt for the gray one, or for one of the bands made of leather or silicon. The watch is water-resistant, so the basic features are preserved, despite the unusual approach of the designer.

Minimalist all the way down, the Crossover Watch is the actual definition of in style simplicity, with a twist.