If the wide majority of men would consider a watch as being the proper accessory for your left hand’s wrist, Bentley wants to prove differently. And they won’t do it for free; you’d have to pay $500,000 to see it for yourself. What they are calling a hand sculpture is flawlessly represented by a Breitling B05 Unitime watch. The kind you’d expect James Bond to feature on his wrist.

Breitling B05 Midnight

500 pieces short of a thousand

As you’d probably expect, the B05 Unitime won’t be largely produced anytime soon; only 500 pieces are made available by Breitling, so anyone willing to attain 24 timezones on his hand should hurry up. That is, if you don’t stumble over the price tag. The timepiece costs little under $15,000.

Breitling B05 Midnight Cronograph

A Breitling with ancestral genes

Apart from the stealthy look, Breitling’s B05 also encapsulates a highly tensile carbon treatment (so it won’t break if you accidentally hit it on the door of your Bentley Mulsanne). The „30-second chronograph” mechanism dates back from 1926. Almost a century of watchmaking is rounded to the wrist by a matte crocodile leather strap.

Breitling B05 Front

So, are we going to meet you in London for the 5 o’clock tea? Or are you too busy counting down remaining seconds until 40 kilograms of C4 are going to ruin the business of a middle-eastern arms dealer?