We’re kind of overwhelmed with how popular smart watches have become in the last year. We keep featuring them, each time with a new set of useful hi-tech additions. The Kreyos Meteor team not only know that their watch impresses through its innovative characteristics, but also brag about it, by comparing it with other smart watches like the Pebble, or the Sony SW2.

The Meteor has too many new features for us to list and describe here, but you can check the table below. The hype will probably revolve around the voice and gesture control, that make this little guy special (and cool!). Myself, I’m pretty much reserved regarding a situation where everyone around me would be listening to my e-mails and messages as they are read by the „watch lady”. Or, for that matter, I’m not sure I would want to dictate a message out loud, in the middle of a quiet and crowded room. I think some of the functions will be more than useful, especially the Sports Mode and the social media connectivity, but I’m going to make a wild guess and say that very few users will take advantage of every feature of the Meteor, constantly.

Nevertheless, if you’re a fan, know that the device is compatible with all three major operating systems and so far it supports 8 languages. Concerning display and battery, Kreyos is not at all different from its main competitor, the Pebble, having a 1.26 Inch LCD Screen and 7-day battery life.

All in all, the designers have a promising product on their hands – easy to notice since the campaign already has a lot of backers on Indiegogo, raising more than $1 million and there are still 10 more days to go. So, if you imagine you’ll enjoy it, chip in and get your set of watch and perks while they’re cheap(er)!



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