Watch out! There is a new brand in town and they are just about to release their first product. Oak and Oscar is a Chicago-based luxury watch brand that has been recently founded. However, their first product, the Burnham watch, named after famous city planner and architect David Burnham, is about to make you sell your soul for a piece; that’s how gorgeous it is.

You don’t usually expect the first product of a company to be a sale-breaker, but it looks like the Burnham Watch might be the exception that proves the rule. It uses high quality materials, such as the 42mm diameter stainless steel case which protects the Swiss Automatic Saprod A10 25 jewel movement. The dials and numbers are covered by a double-domed sapphire crystal glass with a coating of anti-reflective material.


Chase Fancher, the CEO of Oak and Oscar made a point in underlining the time and technology invested in the making of the watch. According to his statements, only the number 8 took over 80 hours to design, in order to make sure it won’t look like a military stencil. The counter balance of the seconds dial eclipses perfectly the engraved logo beneath the glass and the inner dial ring adds the required depth to this marvel. Also, other fine elements such as the hash on the number 7, the fully-detailed rotor design and the color-matched date dial have all been crafted after tens or maybe hundreds of hours of design.

If you’re willing to pay the price for the Burnham Watch, you should hurry up. Oak and Oscar released this handwatch as a 300 piece limited serialized edition, which is will be ready for shipment early this fall.