Ever wondered what sort of instruments soldiers and spec ops fighters use to track time during missions? Of course, such data is most likely not subject to public knowledge; however, enthusiasts can get some idea and feel a military like watch on their wrist by choosing Lum-Tec’s DSPTCH special edition combat watch B25.

Although probably not in the arsenal of Marines, as this product is provided in a limited edition package, weighing only 102 grams the B25 packs an impressive amount of features making it look, feel and actually be tough in rough conditions without losing the discipline inspiring design.


The watch features a Japanese made Miyota OS20J movement sunk underneath a 43mm wide stainless steel case paired with Sapphire crystal glass coated with anti-reflective coating. The case also features coating, this time with bead blasted titanium carbide PVD to make the B25 reliable in basically any conditions. Its high-tech Viton gasket allows the 13mm thick watch to work properly up to 200 meters deep in water. The screw down crown features a double diamond seal allowing you to set the time with precision to the second.

DSPTCH B25 comes with two straps: black and green nylon colorways also include matching hardware. Interested customers should hurry up; the watch is available in only 50 pieces, featuring 1 year warranty. Although the warranty period seems restrictive, Lum-Tec offers lifetime battery replacement service; since it is built to last, this is quite a handy feature. Also, it would really be a shame to open this beauty on your own, risking to mess something up by mistake.