[adsense300gray]Nowadays, having a smartphone is no longer so cool or trendy, as the smartwatches invaded the world of gadgets and plan to steal a significant part from your smartphone’s duties and some of the attention you pay to it daily.

The HOT Watch is expected to be the one smartwatch to rule them all, being the first of its kind that has support for all the call features (speaker, contacts, caller ID and private call) and some messaging ones (text, email, Facebook and Twitter) , being compatible with any phones that feature Bluetooth. Even more features become available if you’re using an Android or iOS based device, such as a calendar, weather, stocks, music control and others.

The HOT Watch also offers, among others, a calculator, stopwatch, timer, alarm, Pedometer, fall detection, note capture. The fall detection senses, through the accelerometer, if you fall and enables you to text an emergency number. The proximity alerts is one of the most useful features, if you ask me, as it informs you if you move away from your smartphone, so you’ll know that you’ve left it somewhere or if it gets stolen. You can find your phone with the remote beep.

It also has support for Gestures, so you’ll be able to control it by only waving your hand.
In terms of appearance, the HOT Watch is the supermodel of smartwatches, being very slim, at only 8mm of thickness, and has a sleek design that looks good on any wrist, matching any style or outfit. It’s also water resistant.

The HOT Watch will be available for purchasing in a few months and will definitely receive a warm welcome, being one of the most innovative devices from nowadays.

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