We all have phones and laptops and tablets and all sorts of timekeeping technology, but that doesn’t mean a good watch has gone out of style. Not by any means. And the thing is, it’s much more practical to know the time just by looking at your wrist than fishing for your phone from a bag or pocket. Another thing is that if you are dressing to impress, a good watch is a must have.


Hublot – the Swiss luxury watchmaker founded by Italian Carlo Crocco – launched a new line of watches with timeless style in mind. They have teamed up with shoemaker Berluti for this one, and that was honestly a wonderful idea to begin with. The Parisian leather maker Berluti added a look to the line that the Hublot couldn’t have done by themselves. Almost the entire watch is made of leather, even the dial. The case is glass of course and the casing and bezel are made from ceramic.


The watch comes in two tones,  both classic and handsome. The first option boasts an all black look – made from Venezia calfskin. The second option is a warm brown color with old-gold details. Both options come in a limited edition – the black one is a 500-piece edition and the brown or “king gold” one comes in a 250-piece edition. If you are thinking about getting one you better act fast.

Keeping in mind that Berluti is well known for making good quality footwear that is stylish as well (like Italian shoes could ever be bad) you should trust this collaboration, at least when it comes to classic style and quality. And in case you are wearing suits every day this is the kind of watch that would go perfectly with that.