[adsense300gray]If you’re thinking about getting a couple of watches suitable for wearing in different situations and occasions and you also have a little over $6000 for spending, Hamilton has just what you need. You probably wouldn’t expect this, but I’m not talking about two different timepieces, but about the Jazzmaster Face to Face from Hamilton, a high quality timepiece that completes your outfit either if you’re going to an important event and need something elegant, but also when you feel like wearing a casual and even sporty accessory.
The Jazzmaster is able to combine two different styles due to the fact that it’s a dual-face watch. I’ve seen dual-watches before, but this one really has something special and it’ll surely catch your eyes with its interesting and stylish design.

The active man within you will be happy with the chronograph side, but when you feel like wearing something elegant, you simply have to rotate its case and be delighted by the time-only watch that comes to your rescue in classy situations.

The mechanical workings of each “face” can be seen near the dial of the other one’s.
The Jazzmaster Face 2 Face has been produced in a number of 888 pieces, so you might want to hurry if you don’t want to compete with some other rich guys that also want this stylish timepiece.

Hamilton Jazzmaster Face 2 Face