Made in Switzerland (the good Germans), featuring a Ronda quartz mechanism with 5 jewels, gold plated and with a crystal dome sapphire, the Bravur IP Black with the graphite grey dial is one classy timepiece. The case width measures 41 mm and it’s manufactured from high quality stainless steel. Each watch comes with an unique serial number engraved on its back and the straps are made of Swedish/Italian leather.

I must tell you, I love the minimalist design of the Bravur IP Black, its round shaped dial and the matte black hands. This is by no means a bling-bling accessory, it’s a serious watch for the serious cats out there. Being Swiss Made, this timepiece is perfect in every way. Even if it doesn’t cost as much as other „reputable” brands, this classy watch will be there for you no matter what.

Bravur IP Black 2

Bravur IP Black 1

Bravur IP Black 5 Bravur IP Black 4 Bravur IP Black 3