Force Friday Hype

Force Friday has been a great moment for all Star Wars fans, making it possible to buy special things at even more special prices. But the real great news is the release of the limited edition Devon Star Wars inspired watch.

Only 500 timepieces will be released and the inspiration for the model comes from, you guessed it, Darth Vader but also the tie fighter.

The watch simply looks amazing, it’s any fan’s must have. This is something more than an object to add in a collection, the design and the touch is impeccable. The details, abundant, make the model infamously beautiful.

Wearing one of these will give you edge, you’ll stand out of line. It’s not a geeky accessory, trust us, it’s classy and makes a terrific timepiece. Everything we see used to build the watch is high tech, we talk about aerospace grade components, glass-enforced nylon belts, electrical contact, optical recognition or hybrid electro-mechanical power.

Devon “Star Wars” Watch. What About It?

All the features of a galactic watch are incorporated into this limited edition beauty. Four separate high-tech optical recognition cells, four micro-step motors and 313 electrical contacts represent guarantees of quality and respect for the customer.

It’s what makes the specialists amazed, while the design is for us, the fans. Don’t have second thoughts about this, Darth Vader is proud and trembling awaiting to get his own copy.

The Tie Fighter is, as said, also featured, namely on the wings. The screws have been thought to look like Vader’s epic helmet while the straps recreate the gloves. Another detail to write history is the Galactic Empires’ logo visible on the crown.

Diamond-like carbon steel and stainless steel make the framework strong yet beautiful. Become a full-time citizen of the Empire, make sure one of the 500 timepieces lands on your wrist.