[adsense300gray]The well known watch maker Nixon just unveiled their latest collection, entitled Industrial Craft, which is basically a tribute/homage to the craftsmanship of industrial gear and work wear. The whole concept behind the Industrial Craft Collection is that real truth is in the history, and it must be revealed by this vintage influenced/work wear inspired watch collection.

There are six watches in the Industrial Craft collection : October, 51-30 Chrono, Rover SS,  Corporal SS,Sentry SS, and Deck. What makes these watches different from other collections, besides their unique design, are the materials used, i.e. matte black and industrial green, representing the unifying characteristics of the collection.

To make them look more sophisticated, in terms of design, there are splashes of rose gold highlighting the hour/minute hands, breaking up the monotony of the dark tones used everywhere. The coolest thing about these watches is that they will atract young folks and old-timers alike, so you can buy one of those for your son or for your father, they will be both happy, mark my words, these watches are the perfect gift, regardless of age. And the price tag is pretty decent, around $200 a piece.