Designed to be as sophisticated in style as it is in function, the D2™ pilot watch is an amazing little gadget able to help you in-flight as well as on the ground. Heck, even if you’re not a pilot, you’ll probably want to take up classes just to be able to use this baby at its fullest. If anything were to motivate us to become pilots, well, this is one of those things. (This and the cool jackets and gloves.)

Among its features it has a high-sensitivity WAAS GPS receiver, an altimeter with adjustable baro setting, plus a 3-axis compass and a domed lens so that the screen will be easy to read in direct sunlight. For night flights, the brilliant orange backlight will keep you company and assure legibility.

[adsense300gray]The D2 has an amazing worldwide airport database, letting you fly straight to the airport of your choice or helping you find your way to the nearest airport if there’s an emergency. Your route is visible on a moving map display and you can create your own waypoints so that you can navigate to places not included in the database, big as it is.