Michael Schumacher, the greatest Formula One driver to have ever existed lived his career and his life circling between being a magnificent racer and a man of modern times. It is more than having the best lap counters or the number of pole-positions. The number of titles, the victories, the records always had a key word in their definition: innovation. Accustomed to having the time summed up as simple, plain numbers, in the form of minutes spent completing each lap, he wanted more. This is how Royal Oak concept laptimer by Audemars Piguet became a reality: in the shape of a beautiful collaboration with „Schumi”. Having a way to measure time cycles at your wrist, all incorporated in a mechanical timepiece of uncontested grace was just an idea bound to imagination. But the limits were once more pushed, just like this legendary athlete had it always done.


One might say that such feature as time-keeping is nothing but a basics for a smartwatch, but let’s be honest, this one looks astonishingly beautiful. Lads, we talk about limited edition astonishingly. Is something definitely worth having in every luxurious collection. The watch looks great, it has Schumacher’s story embedded in it and Audemars Piguet’s history, tradition and precision as a framework for its success. It is sporty and  classic, chic and futuristic. It’s a „go for it” situation should you look for something attainable perfectly matching dress to impress category rigours.