All the Smartwatch manufacturers today are trying to make us, the customers, look and feel like cyborgs. Sure, we do love gadgets and technology but still, the product must have a cool style. If I wanted a smartwatch to look and feel like my smartphone, I’d just attach a strap to my iPod Nano, and there you go – a smart-something around my wrist.

[adsense300gray]Gabor Balogh took Triwa’s Havana watch pictures and used them to express his vision on how smartwatches should look and feel like. And yes, he nailed it! It’s the kind of design that can make Samsung’s Chiefs put a sudden end to the development of their Gear smartwatch and rethink it. At least, that’s what they should do. Apple’s still a little behind with their rumoured iWatch but that’s a good thing – they can have a look right here and learn.

Here’s to all the other companies putting their efforts into gadgetizing our wrists – have a look and understand this is what we’re craving for!