If you’re the type of guy that enjoys living an active life and prefers going on a hike rather than sitting in front of the TV or playing video games all day long, you’re probably wearing a rugged wristwatch too. Casio is a heavy name when it comes to these gadgets and they’ve just released a nice piece of work that stands pretty far from resembling the tough guys from the G-Shock family.

Gentlemen and… gentlemen, I’m proud to present you an exquisite and unique Casio collection, the Metal Twisted G-Shock, a combination between solidity, performance and, the most important, elegance.

[adsense300gray]The MT-G series consists of three models that are specially designed for those of you who want a tough, but sleek companion to wear on your wrists, the kind that can join you in your adventures while exploring the great outdoors, but also on a business meeting, restaurant or any place that requires a white tie.

The first model is a mix between stainless steel and resin and will be available for a price of $900, the second is more special, combining resin with black Ion Plated stainless steel, coming at $1000. Last, but not least, is the star of the show, a limited edition model that gathers the same Ion Plated stainless steel with golden shades and a charming red paneled bracelet. This one’s worth $1100.

No matter where you go, the new Casio Metal Twisted G-Shock will look great and, besides that, it will serve its purpose, of being a tough partner that will keep its handsome appearance while taking a few kicks, drops, dives and so on.