It’s not easy to ignore the fact that time passes fast. If you’re a heavy sleeper and get out of bed later than 10 AM, the day is almost lost. Physically slowing down time is not (yet) possible, but doing certain experiments to handle how we perceive time can actually help. slow Jo 19 from slow watches tries a different approach on what we see when checking the time. The authentic Swiss Ronda Caliber 505.24H GMT Quartz movement that comes with Slow Jo 19 featured 4 hands and the date. However, Slow Jo 19 only uses one hand, to reduce the usage of the watch to its most basic, purest form: checking the hour.


The way you get conscious about how your day progresses is turned around by the 24 hour display system found on the Slow Jo 19. Instead of splitting time into AM and PM in your head, you can use Slow Jo 19 to view the whole day in just one glance. There is no branding on front of the watch, for two main reasons. First of all, the company considers that quality isn’t defined by an imprint but by the design, functionality and style of the watch. In other words, you don’t need to see a logo to figure out it’s a Slow Jo. The second reason is simplicity; no extra detailing on the face of the watch adds to the purity of the system showing off just the hour and 15 minutes intervals.

Slow Jo 19’s case is built using 316L stainless steel, featuring perfect symmetry from all angles; also, all edges feature the same proportions both on top and on the bottom parts of the watch. The strap is Italian made from fine calf leather, binding together two pieces of the same material for a fine finish.