Looking for quasi-smartwatch tech along with actual strength and durability of the material? Then maybe the new Suunto Essential Collection is something you could throw your eyes on as it really fits into requirements. Taglined „The Heritage of Adventure”, this sport watch line comes in six different colorways. Among them, copper, gold, steel and carbon are included. Each of them shines and reflects light distinctively, for an actual unique look on the wrist.


Suunto got together a long list of features which were implemented into the series. Starting with the time counting function, it continues with outdoor related elements: altimeter, barometer, a compass and temperature display. Above all, the Essential Collection watches provide a sunrise/sunset display. In other words, you can actually get that Bear Grylls in the wild feeling while wearing this marvel.

On the outside, Suunto watches are built using stainless steel while adding a matte finish. Sapphire crystal glass, which is three times stronger than regular mineral glass, was used to cover the display. The crystal glass is also known for its high transparency factor. Wrist comfort is ensured by Italian and Brazilian leather, providing a soft touch and classy appearance. There is also the option for a textile straps, for harsher environments.

Suunto Essential Collection is completely built according to Finnish design traditions; these watches are built to withstand harsh weather conditions, heavy wear, and still look like there were just taken out of the box. The buyer gets plenty of features inside a device that is wrist-worn so, at least in our opinion, the price is fully justified.