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Hundreds Of Mountaineers Climb The Matterhorn Ridge

Mammut, the Swiss apparel and gear brand, invited climbers from around the world to participate in an epic photoshoot campaign. The task was to climb the north wall of Matterhorn (mountain height: 4000 meters) in the Alps. They also called in Swiss photographer Robert Bösch to immortalise the whole experience to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the first ascent of the Matterhorn ridge in the Alps … continue reading

Top 5 Best Auto Shows In The World

5 best auto shows 600x337 Top 5 Best Auto Shows In The World

Attending to car shows is a great way to choose your next car. Sure you can research online, but auto shows allow you to experience the cars in person. So if you are one of the lucky ones who buys a new car this year or you just want to obtain useful information about what’s new in the automotive industry, we’ve rounded up the 5 most important auto shows in the world.

Drive Her There. 4 California Spots That Will Take Her Breath Away

4 DRIVE HER THERE CALI 600x315 Drive Her There. 4 California Spots That Will Take Her Breath Away

Fall is here. For us, that can only be synonymous with falling leaves and the great outdoors. No other time is better to hit the road than the fall. As people start packing up and ditching the beach, that should give you all the more reason to head out. Your biggest asset? Your car. Stop thinking. Just take the girl. Don’t stress out on packing. Spontaneous is adventurous. Have no plans and tackle the open road. Here’s where you should be taking her.

12 Expert Tips On How To Travel Nearly For Free

travel and explore 600x337 12 Expert Tips On How To Travel Nearly For Free

Fall is approaching quickly and soon cold days will replace the warm summer sun. You can already feel the cool breath of winter on your neck… Want to escape the cold this year and travel to a sunny tropical paradise? Instead of taking the same vacation maybe you want to have an adventure in a completely new place, like exploring a jungle, jumping from a waterfall, or touring a remote fishing village, something off the beaten path?

10 Adventurous Instagram Users Worth Following

10 Adventurous Instagram users 600x300 10 Adventurous Instagram Users Worth Following

Sure, it’s always nice to check out what Bar Refaeli or Ashley Sky have been up to by checking out their instagram from time to time, but I usually do that when I’m lazy, like Sunday mornings. But what if you want to follow something or someone that would maybe inspire you? Of course, you can always check HisPotion’s Instagram feed, and you’ll probably love it as much as you love our Friday Inspiration series, but we thought you deserve even more. So here are 10 of the best travel related or adventurers’ instagram accounts you should follow.

Jet Skiing Through Canyons In Lake Powell

jet ski through canyons in lake powell 600x314 Jet Skiing Through Canyons In Lake Powell

Jet skis might be the most fun creation ever conceived by man. They give you a sense of freedom and the bumpy or smooth ride ensure the fun mood. And beside all that it seems they can also make you feel like Marco Polo, Vasco da Gama or any other famous explorers, enabling you to explore unwalked paths. This is what Christian Yellott did, and posted this awesome video of him jet skiing through the canyons of Lake Powell.

6 Places Every Man Must Visit When Travelling in Europe

Barcelona 600x397 6 Places Every Man Must Visit When Travelling in Europe

Travel is one of the most transformative experiences a person can have. It’s no surprise that today more people than ever are taking longer vacations, gap years and sabbaticals. When travelling in Europe it can be especially challenging to decide where to go, because each country offers a different culture and ambience.

23 Amazing Waterfalls From Around the World

Waterfalls are probably nature’s most beautiful creations and you can’t deny they all have something magical! They come in many different shapes and sizes but they’re all unique in their own way – it doesn’t have to be the biggest to be the most impressive, you will find beauty even in the smallest ones. We’re celebrating nature’s miracles with 23 amazing waterfalls from around the world … continue reading

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