Escape Traveler, Your Home in the Rear Mirror

The team from ESCAPE, creators of ESCAPE Classic, come forward with a new model inspired by what they say to be more than 20 years of crafting experience in the world of tiny houses. The model is called Traveler a house on wheels, aimed at you, perfect for destinations too far from home, yet so near to it. There is no joking around with these guys, every piece being hand made from scraps, so I wouldn’t call it prefabricated, no, there is something … continue reading

$65,400 Buy

Explore the Spirit of Africa From the Tsala Treetop Lodge

How would you feel about a quiet evening amid the unspoiled  beauty of the one-of-a-kind African indigenous forest? However, we are not suggesting you bring your tent and sleeping bag, but instead, we recommend you opt for the Tsala treetop lodge, for a unique experience in southern Africa. You can explore the wilderness while living in style in the lovely accommodation that is fully furnished with great taste, but, most of all, it preserves the spirit of Africa, which is mirrored even in … continue reading

Strap This Spiral Staircase Onto Any Tree

If you have ever dreamt of having your own tree house, well, this is not going to quite get you one, but it might simplify the process. Let me introduce to you the CanopyStair, yes, in one word only, because it’s better for the defining the item which promises to deliver a good time for anyone looking to spend time out there, in close touch with mother nature. You can set it up with ease, without the use of any tools. What this … continue reading

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Adventure 2.0 in the Skylodge Adventure Suites

Hold your breath, only partly because of what I’m about to tell you in the following lines, but mainly because of the place where the following lines are situated. And I talk about altitude. Some lads teamed up and formed what they call Natura Vive or what I call some kind of organization made to bring us awesome ways to spend time in nature. Their latest idea is Skylode adventure suites, located in the Sacred Valley of Cuzco, Peru, as a very exclusive … continue reading

$313 Buy

Camp Champ, The Take Away Kitchen

Let’s make introductions: ladies and gentlemen, it’s my pleasure to present to you, Camp Champ or some germans’ idea on how to improve the overall experience of tripping. We talk trips to the parents’ house, should that be very far away, in the forest or simply tripping in the backyard to grill a barbecue. It is like the classy and elegant minibar, only better, as you can store up tools, like knives, tablespoons  spices and of course, the hardware, from frying pans to … continue reading

$6,120 Buy

Compact & Portable Camping Chair By Therm-A-Rest

Planning for going on a trip is always made difficult by the room required inside your luggage in order to accommodate  all the gear you think you need, but that might actually end up never used. This can be the drama for many of us who want to spend time away from the crushing city routine, no matter how far that is. Well, this is not the case for the treo chair by Therm-a-rest. This little piece of equipment can be stored in … continue reading

$100 Buy

How To Play Pac-Man In Google Maps Anywhere In The World

You can now play the a glorious classic arcade game PAC-MAN in Google Maps using the very street you live on as your maze. You can actually use any street in the world as your playground. This might be an April Fool’s joke, but the game is no joke. Let us know if you find some cool streets to get chased around by Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. Just go to Google Maps Pac-Man, and also, here are some clues, how to play … continue reading

Magical Bookstore With A Sublime Architecture Opens In Bucharest


Hi there bibliophiles! This post is for you! And also for those who are mad about architecture or interior design! Oh, and let’s not forget those who want to visit places offering new and interesting experiences!

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