Diving in Papua New Guinea

If you want to try something that will stay deep in your mind for the rest of your life go for diving in Paua New Guinee. It’s for sure going to be your unique and one-and-only experience. About Paua New Guinee The coral triangle of marine biodiversity with the highest diversity of tropical fish and coral in the world surrounds … continue reading

The Men’s Travel Bucket List: Europe’s Top 9 Cities For Men

A special type of bucket list: As a man it is your duty to visit these 9 European cities before you yourself will kick the rattling kettle. 1. Amsterdam With legal (read: tolerated) Marihuana purchase and a world-renowned red light district Amsterdam is every adolescent man’s dream – if you are no older than 19, that is. Soon enough ‘getting … continue reading

Top 20 Christmas Gifts for Him

Well, my dear guys, I searched high and low for some of the coolest gifts available this season and I chose top 20 Christmas gifts that I would give to my special man for this unique occasion. I am always in a big trouble when I am searching for the right Christmas gift for him, because there are a lot … continue reading

Floating House

The gift your family needs Firday, a company specialized in creating genuine clever advanced devices that usually float, introduced to us the Floatwing, a mobile house able to sustain itself on the floating line if used with imagination and treated with respect – should it become your home, well, this is up to you. From my perspective, it has a … continue reading

$TBA Buy

Inspiring Sceneries from Around Europe

Many of HisPotion’s visitors are loyal readers, who love the good things in life and appreciate our taste too. Today we wanted to share some awesome pictures sent to us from a loyal HP reader, Brendan Vonder Heide. The pictures were taken recently in various locations around Europe. About the Photographer Name / age / location: Brendan Vonder Heide, 25 living … continue reading

Thought Your Life Was Awesome? Meet the Super Yacht

Have you ever imagined a perfect life ? Not the kind of one that never ends, that is not  perfection, that is simple boredom. I mean the life where you get to do what you want, what you like, what fits you. Your desires come on first, because you deserve it, who cares what others say ? You must be thinking where you can get such a life. I got the answer for you, it’s in the CRN’s J’ade yacht, a gem of watercraft brilliance and a superlative of classy living. It’s basically the grooming your soul needs.

$60.000.000 Buy

Take a Vacation: Best Beaches in Asia

In the sea of extraordinary Asian beaches, it was so hard to choose top 10 best beaches to visit in Asia. Being a person interested in exploring and researching new things, I have made this list for people who are into adventures, crystal clear sea waters and beautiful sunsets.

Ready for winter? Top 10 Ski Resorts This Winter

I can’t wait for this winter to come. Probably you’re thinking I’m talking about Christmas, hot chocolate, presents, the first snow, New Year’s Eve or whatever comes along when this time of year arrives. Well, my dear reader, you are deeply mistaken, because I’m talking about my big toys for the cold season: the snowboard and the ski set. With … continue reading

7 Most Appealing Islands of Central America

Warm waters of Central America’s Carribbean side along with Islands on the Pacific side are more than beautiful and easy to access. Take a look at 7 most appealing Islands in Central America, choose one that  suits you best, go and visit it and believe me you won’t regret a penny you spent. 1. Ambergris Caye Island, Belize Dreamy and … continue reading

Top 7 Travel Destinations for October Getaway

A real man’s status is of course determined by the things he’s done, the way he acts and the way he talks. But there is more to that. A man is shaped by his experiences, by the things he’s seen. We prepared a list for your best October travel destinations. Take a peek, make your own mind, and choose accordingly, … continue reading

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