How To Play Pac-Man In Google Maps Anywhere In The World

You can now play the a glorious classic arcade game PAC-MAN in Google Maps using the very street you live on as your maze. You can actually use any street in the world as your playground. This might be an April Fool’s joke, but the game is no joke. Let us know if you find some cool streets to get chased around by Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde. Just go to Google Maps Pac-Man, and also, here are some clues, how to play … continue reading

Magical Bookstore With A Sublime Architecture Opens In Bucharest


Hi there bibliophiles! This post is for you! And also for those who are mad about architecture or interior design! Oh, and let’s not forget those who want to visit places offering new and interesting experiences!

5 Castles Turned Into Luxury Hotels


Ever wished you were treated like a king or a queen, while living big in a huge castle with ever going gardens, secret passages and incredibly wide reception rooms? Most of the time, if you are not running blue blood through your veins or be a part of a royal family, such dreams of living like royalty may never come true. However, there is an alternative; check out these five castles that have been turned into luxury hotels. Here, every wish you have will be fulfilled the moment you speak.

Top 10 Warm Escapes From Winter

Warm Escapes From Winter

All communication-media are supersaturated with idyllic depictions of winter. But let’s be honest, the beauty of having everything covered in whipped-cream looking snow is ruined by the sharp frost. Fortunately,  there are many places you can choose to visit in order to have a hot winter holiday this year. Here’s our top 10 warm escapes from winter’s caprices!

Atacama Motorcycle Expedition Tent

You like adventure and you like motorcycles. You also like nature, but you need to combine all these with being secure. Why not choosing the new generation of tents from Redverz Gear? We are talking about the third generation of tents, that has been slightly improved, with an interesting design that can accommodate a motorcycle or a full – size expedition bike. This motorcycle tent is not only offering your inanimate friend a good place to rest, but it can accommodate also up … continue reading

$449 Buy

Candlewood Cabins. The Perfect Getaway Spot

You had enough of the hectic city life? Sipping a wine glass in front of a fire place or taking a walk in the woods sounds really good right now, right? Why not get away for a few days in the amazing woods from the Ocooch Mountains? The Candlewood Cabins are the perfect way for you to recharge your batteries. You can admire the beautiful trout streams, take a walk in the woods, hiking, canoeing on the Wisconsin River or simply relax in … continue reading

$115 Buy

Sarah Lee Underwater Photography

From Kona on the Big Island of Hawai’i, Sarah Lee is incessantly glued to camera viewfinders, DaFiNs, and the sea. Her passion for photography, particularly underwater and surf photography was shaped by a childhood where she was constantly playing in and around the ocean. As a long-distance swimmer and surfer, her strength as an athlete in the ocean and tide allows her to capture swimmers and surfers in the special way she does beneath the sea. “My aim in making photos is to … continue reading

Arctic Trucks Experience. With You Behind The Wheel


“Winter is coming”, says a fairly well-known character. And it comes with goodies, we might add up. Maybe this year you want to get out of the ordinary skiing routine and do some “not so common” things. Well, if you feel this way, we can advise you to adventure yourself past The Wall into the icy, snowy Iceland (yes, the scenes featuring The Night’s Watch and the Wildlings have been shot in Iceland). You may experience this dreamy, remote land of the vikings, and “choose the path were no one goes”, as the famous song says, in a cool way, that is in some 4 wheel drive Toyotas.

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