Planning for going on a trip is always made difficult by the room required inside your luggage in order to accommodate  all the gear you think you need, but that might actually end up never used. This can be the drama for many of us who want to spend time away from the crushing city routine, no matter how far that is. Well, this is not the case for the treo chair by Therm-a-rest.


This little piece of equipment can be stored in the side pocket of your backpack and trust me, you will find the perfect use for it: it’s tough, resilient, easy to set up (instructions are, of course, included) and unbelievably small. It is the definition of big comfort in a small package. You can fold it be and rest assured, as the elastic band coming with it secures the chair ensuring a risk-free transportation. You don’t need any advanced related technology in order to safely fall on its seat.

Designed as a tripod, it can always be packed as a 33 cm long and 11 cm thick tube. So bring it along as you please, because keeping it is just as relaxing as staying on it. The frame is 6000-series aluminum  with  dyneema sling. The feet are made from anti sliding material, allowing you to place it on any unwelcoming terrain, such as sand, rocks even dirt and many others, anything that comes up on your mind. You can test his capacity of lifting for a weight up to a maximum 250 lbs (113 kg). Choose from a variety of colors, including blue, black or olive green. Give it a go, no second thoughts are almost guaranteed; it’s the kind of gear that, if you miss at home once, you will make you utterly regret such a mistake.