You like adventure and you like motorcycles. You also like nature, but you need to combine all these with being secure. Why not choosing the new generation of tents from Redverz Gear? We are talking about the third generation of tents, that has been slightly improved, with an interesting design that can accommodate a motorcycle or a full – size expedition bike. This motorcycle tent is not only offering your inanimate friend a good place to rest, but it can accommodate also up to five adults, thanks to its detachable ground sheet. Now you don’t need to be afraid of mosquito bites, as it comes with full mosquito screens that will offer you protection over night.

[adsense300gray]Other important features of the tent:

• A compression bag for carrying
• Lot of space, so you can sleep either cross-wise or lengthwise
• Separate doors, so each camper can enter or exit on a different door
• It addresses various terrains so it’s versatile compared to other brands
• Breathable and resistant mesh

Atacama Expedition tent is the perfect choice for you and your companion and it’s one of the best expedition tents as it offers a minimalist design, but in the same time, a lot of advantages that you’ll surely need in your adventure. Your motorcycle will be kept away from the curious eyes and will offer you enough clearance and height to stand, plus, enough space for a big air mattress. When you are ready to pack, the entire tent packs down to 21” x 9”, which is perfect for long distance travels.