Camping 2.0 Brought By Tentsile

It’s a special thing going camping with a suspended hammock. They have been around for quite some time, thanks to this company called Tentsile and their lovely concept. But now they wanted to take it to the next level, which they totally did. Meaning they turned into reality a suspended tent entirely. That is pretty awesome. I guess we can call this Camping 2.0 brought by Tentsile.

You don’t get any unwanted guests, you have all the intimacy you want up there. You can sleep or watch over the entire zone from inside. It is the comfort of a hammock and the security of a tent. The surface covered is pretty large, but the manufacturer says it is totally portable and easy to carry around. Choosing the perfect spot to set it up seems to be the hardest work, but once you got that sorted out, let the real trip begin.

Exactly What The World Needs

The “construction” is divided into three different chambers, all connected by a common area in the middle. Like this, you get all the privacy of any usual tent. There is the exposable ladder which will get you up and down. Think of this tree as an investment, a source of fun and great memories. The design of this whole beauty is attributed to Alex Shirley-Smith, an architect and treehouse designer, a clever mind, exactly what the world needs right now.

I can just take a guess when I say everything feels different when suspended in the air. It’s you and your thoughts. And just when we think that after this whole white sensation dries out, spring is around the corner. Could there be a better time to make the purchase? I can’t think of any. I will definitely add this to my wishlist, top priority.


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