Have you ever heard of Selachophobia? It’s a medical term for human fear of sharks. Thousands of people around the world fear these sea creatures with big sharp teeth.

Fear of Sharks

Are you afraid of sharks? Well, if you are not and you are adrenaline junkie you should try something new and totally exciting. Try diving with sharks in Fiji. There in Fiji they have Shark Reef Marine Reserve on the coast of the island of Beqa. You can swim with up to 8 species of sharks without a cage. It sounds terrifying but at the same time it’s an opportunity to see that sharks aren’t as frightening as we all think they are.
The popular belief is that sharks are underwater killers but their prey isn’t humans but fish.

Go for it!

Let’s face some facts and statistics if you still have second thoughts about trying this amazing shark diving in Fiji. What are the chances to be attacked by a shark? It’s 1 in 3,748,067 to be precise. More likely thing to happen is being bitten by a dog or a human. So relax and be free to visit Fiji and to enjoy swimming with these magnificent underwater royals.

Shark Diving in Fiji

Waters of Fiji are full of different kinds of sharks. Here you can meet eye to eye with Nurses, Black Tips, White Tips, Grey Reef sharks. All of them are really impressive. They are 4 to 6 feet long.

But if you are really lucky you will swim along with the Bulls, 10 feet long sharks with enormous teeth. Keep in mind that it isn’t dangerous at all. It only can be enjoyable and unforgettable life experience. Go for it! Try something worth risking! Meet face to face with these amazing and powerful creatures. Shark diving in Fiji is waiting only for you!



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