If you ever happen to find yourself in Shanghai, China, not knowing where to stay for the night, we recommend the local Holiday Inn. I know, I know, the name doesn’t inspire much luxury and doesn’t quite scream ‘upscale experience’, but trust us – with their suspended swimming pool, you’ll be as upscale as possible. 24 stories high upscale, that is.

The pool is a 30 m long reinforced construction that virtually hangs from the side of the building’s 24th floor. Since the pool was most definitely designed to give guests an extreme experience of air-swimming, we wouldn’t recommend such an adventurous swim for those less keen on heights and the idea of falling. Which isn’t bound to happen, seeing how the glass is super reinforced and probably wouldn’t even break during an earthquake. Still, the experience is slightly terrifying, as you can clearly see the pavement. And the pavement is pretty far away.

Either way, this one goes on my bucket list for sure!

24th Story Glass Bottom Swimming Pool