If you’re thinking of organizing a weekend with the guys, you have lots of great choices to make. Why not Play ace king at a poker night, test your knowledge with a game of chess or get into the wilderness for a camping weekend. No matter your tastes, here are four great things you can do over the weekend with the dudes.


Camping is a brilliant idea to unwind for the weekend and get yourself away from the fast-paced living we experience each and every day. If you’ve hosted at your house before and hated the idea of the morning clean up, going out into nature is the perfect answer. If you have single friends who get a little loose on the weekend, give them a more wholesome weekend full of self-achievement and gratification. 

Everyone’s first thought of camping is uncomfortable and stressful, but with the development of equipment, it is actually a pretty comfortable and easy thing to do. The majority of campsites offer bathrooms, sinks to wash pots and pans, and even electricity if a night away from your devices is really too much. A night with the guys here can be a great way to reduce your screen time for the weekend with nature’s television; a campfire. 

If you pick the right month, you can get the best weather, making your trip even more enjoyable. A hot tip is to purchase your equipment during the winter months. You will get them at a much-reduced price allowing for tents full of higher-tech at an affordable range. The best thing about these new tents is they are simple to erect and even easier to disassemble. Bring a sleeping bag, camping chair, a cooler full of beers, and maybe some food for the fire; all the ingredients for a great weekend.

Poker Night 

Poker nights are quickly becoming America’s favorite past-time, especially when it’s time for guy’s night at the weekend. With the ever-growing popularity of online poker, televised tournaments, and celebrity poker broadcast nearly every night, playing cards is big business but is also a lot of fun. Hosting a poker night doesn’t need to be so serious. Play for some light entertainment and bragging rights over your friends until next time. 

When it comes to poker for guys, the game is just as much competition, and it is a lesson in technique. Poker is about discovering the telltale signs of bluffs and those involuntary indications that are sure to reveal your strategy to them. This healthy competition is another way for guys to bond together.

With poker night being a serious game, try to keep the distractions to a complete minimum. Have lots of refreshments and snacks at the ready; there’s nothing worse than waiting for someone to make a round of drinks when it’s their hand. Regarding snacks, finger food or, at most, one-handed eats are recommended. Comfortable seating, good lighting, cards, and chips are essential. Added bonus if you have a dedicated poker table top too.

Game Night

If you are someone who prefers playing video games with your friends compared to team sports on the pitch, a game night is the perfect option. No matter the type, a little healthy competition always goes down well. Why not a vintage console evening? A night filled with nostalgia playing on the beloved titles you used to enjoy. One thing you cannot forget of course is the snacks and refreshments. Think of this night as a cocktail party without any need for schmoozing.

Maybe you are not the biggest fan of video games, but this doesn’t mean your game night is going to be ruined. Switch the console for a board game. Have a screen time break and work your mind in a new way. More strategic games, such as chess, are a great way to exercise the brain, while monopoly is a game of strategy and control. Become the entrepreneur you always wanted to be.

Sports Night 

If sports are more your thing. such as basketball, football, baseball, etc., a sports night is a great way to hang out with the guys. Even better if your friends support the rival team. Sports night makes you feel like an entertainer, which is nice when it’s a guy night. Games night is our favorite time of the week. With drama, strategy, background, and heart, it has it all. It gives you a good taste of competitive sport without the burns or the medical bills.

Food and beverages are the most important components when throwing a great party. It’s also essential to find the sweet spot. Your flat screen’s best picture quality can be seen from that viewing area. Furniture may have to be moved around a little to accommodate this. The schedule of upcoming televised events, as well as stats and facts about the current gaming season, is another nice touch. The guys can check the forthcoming matchups during halftime.