I know a bunch of people who keep lists with the things they want to do in the following years or at least for once in their lifetime. I think that we all have a list like that, even if we keep it in our minds and don’t write down our wishes. Well, one of the things from my to-do list is enjoying a great experience on The Yacht Week, which is the greatest party and sailing event in the world.

I don’t actually know anybody that went there, but someone gave me a link with some sort of a “trailer” and I was instantly charmed by the concept.

What is The Yacht Week ? The great recipe for fun, as it combines your friends, 7 days of sailing, a yacht and, of course, some wonderful nights full of partying. And not by yourselves, but among the other participants to The Yacht Week, when your boats are anchored next to each other in the port.

[adsense300gray]You simply have to visit their website and find out when you can book a yacht for a specific date. If you want to go in the winter/spring, you’ll see the British Virgin Islands, as for the summer, you’ll go to Italy, Greece or Croatia. Needless to say that the aforementioned places strongly resemble with everyone’s versions of how Paradise looks, so the trip is really worth taking.

The prices for renting a yacht start from €350/person, but you must expect some additional costs with every destination (such as port or fuel fees and so on), but these aren’t going to empty your pockets or anything like that. You’ll also have to consider having some money for food. The Yacht Week can offer you several supply packages, you just have to choose between them and add them after booking your yacht.
Also, if you don’t know how to sail, you’ll be provided with a proper captain for a tiny amount of money.

What more can I say? A week in the place of your dreams, on a yacht, with your friends is really what I consider to be the perfect vacation, so the guys that organize The Yacht Week really deserve some warm thanks for offering the world this magical opportunity!

Did I mention the beautiful women, spending all day long on the next boat or next to you, and all they do, all day long is just have fun. In Bikinis!

Here are over 50 photos that will make you dream about your perfect summer.


For more crazy videos check out their YouTube channel.