How would you feel about a quiet evening amid the unspoiled  beauty of the one-of-a-kind African indigenous forest?

However, we are not suggesting you bring your tent and sleeping bag, but instead, we recommend you opt for the Tsala treetop lodge, for a unique experience in southern Africa.

You can explore the wilderness while living in style in the lovely accommodation that is fully furnished with great taste, but, most of all, it preserves the spirit of Africa, which is mirrored even in the stone masonry entrance that is bordered by a narrow, but beautifully designed pool.


The whole aspect of the lodge that is meant to make you feel at home draws its inspiration from the African culture, which is characterized by diversity and originality. This is reflected in its afro-baroque interior design, with its earthy colors, and in the small details of the rooms, with handcrafted fittings that echo the African art.

However, the best part of your experience here will be the marvelous setting. You can relish the untamed landscape of natural beauty wherever you are – in the lodge’s exotic dining room, the glassed-in lounge, or the wide decks that lie above the heavy woods, providing a view of the valley and the far-away hills.

You will definitely make most of your time at Tsala, whether you want to enjoy the quiet mood that prevails over the valley over a glass of wine or you are eager to explore the wilderness of the forest.



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