[adsense300gray]Australia is proud to display yet another spectacular architectural attraction: the Pahran Hotel. Located in Melbourne, the hotel has recently undergone a second transformational stage. To be more specific, the bar of the hotel now has an interesting new façade, made out of 17 oversized concrete pipes. The pipes have been successfully turned into great windows and linked together in a way that enable the visitors to sit within them and admire a great view from the inside of a great pipe.

Now that we’ve seen what this hotel is all about, we’re looking forward to paying it a visit sometime in the future. Hopefully, we’ll be able to try out one of those famous window seats. They look like they’d be a great place to discuss business affairs in. Roomy yet private, offering three different atmospheres depending on which of the three floors you decide to set camp in.

For a complete 30’s atmosphere with a modern urban twist, the Pahran Hotel is worth every penny.