Many search for an adventure either to prove themselves they are able to withstand harsh conditions or just to get out of the 9 to 5 daily schedule. However, there exists a specific category of people which have made traveling their life purpose. There is probably hardly any other activity where your mind, body and spirit work together towards achieving a goal. This time we are talking about the Arctic Circle.



While there are quite a few opportunities to visit glaciers around the world, actually sitting over the ice cap is a completely different experience. Blue meltwater provides an HDR like view of the landscape. Thankfully, ice is usually grippy and there is no need for crampons or safety ropes.



Quite an amazing sight, isn’t it? Be prepared however for the cold wind and bone chilling air you are about to encounter. While an experienced trekker may find it only a little more challenging that his usual routes, a beginner trekking the Arctic Circle may have to brace themselves.

Ice and frost aren’t the only elements to be encountered while trekking the Arctic Circle. Wildlife and vegetation are easily spotted along the path. Also, depending on your itinerary, you may get along the harsh conditions testing track built by Volkswagen many years ago.




One final piece of advice before heading out on your way. If you get the chance to go trekking the Arctic Circle, remember to take a moment to watch. No photos, no speaking, just watching and getting submerged within the breathtaking landscape. You will feel tiny in comparison but in the same time you will feel like a part of the whole.


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