The new face of the award-winning-bar-club-restaurant-combo spreads over two gloriously luxurious floors, being suitable for use both in winter and in summer. The lines of the design are of such nature that they create some pretty awesome shadows, giving depth and a sense of mystery to the place. The space is dominated by earthy tones, while the large patterned columns link the floor to the ceiling. Everything about this place is undulating, from the staircases to the couches that line the walls (that are also kind of curved). No wonder the world’s curviest women come from Istanbul. These people know how to appreciate what’s beautiful. The outside of the restaurant is as spectacular as the inside, with open fire pits that blaze away into the busy night of Turkey’s finest hot spot. The overall feeling is that of luxurious calmness, zen being the word that would describe this place most accurately.

People say it’s rather pricey, while the staff does tend to over-select their clients. Some say that you have to look and show that you’re rich in order to get in. Now we’re not saying this is necessarily true, but it’s probably safer to go in your best suit and not wait in line. As for the dishes served, one needs to carefully choose what to eat, since the taste is selective. One client reported that „It was not only a massive disappointment but also probably the most expensive plate of nothing in the world. ” This is regarding the food. The club part is said to be pretty nice though, and so is the view. And the design. So you get to decide whether the amazing atmosphere is worth a few unhappy taste buds and an even sadder wallet.