We love camping – we love it so much, in fact, that we’d much rather do it comfortably in style and keep living on the road without the ulterior back pains and hassle that regular camping usually entails. A trailer is big and cumbersome, not to mention pretty difficult to upkeep, and a tent is, well, just a tent. We give you the hybrid between a trailer and a tent! The SylvanSport mobile adventure trailer and tent system. Fully loaded with 2 bed/table panels, 4 self-inflating mattresses, an awning kit which adds 80’ of outdoor living space, a spare tire kit, it allows for 6 different interior configurations. It weighs less than 850 pounds so that any vehicle could easily tow it. It’s also pretty useful for hardcore bikers who want to transport a lot of bikes at once, or for families who have a lot of bags. No more cramming inside the car from now one, that’s for sure.




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