What’s one of the most important things that has to be considered when you’re setting up for an adventure in the wild? A tent, of course, for providing a “roof” over your head and protection against harsh weather conditions. Well, one of the most practical ones that I’ve recently stumbled upon is the single pole tent from Scout Seattle. This USA-made tent offers a simple and easy way for setting camp without burdening you with unnecessary accessories or undesirable weights that would slow you down and occupy your precious time for setting them up. No, sir. This tent relies on an all-canvas construction and is very easy to set up, offering you two ways for doing so: you can either use a collapsible hickory pole for pitching it or the paracord and mounting rig for suspending it from a tree.
The single pole tent comes with a water resistant floor, a carrying bag for an effortless transportation and can hold two persons inside, as it measures eight by eight feet and is seven feet tall.


Scout-Seattle-Single-Pole-Tent 3