Fancy leaving home with minimum baggage? You might achieve this by knowing you won’t have place for too much stuff. How about leaving every bit of electricity at the door?

With just 98 square feet, the Micro Cabin by Larocque Elder Architects offers the ideal winter retreat. There is no garage, no kitchen, no sauna. Just a tiny cabin lighten up by sun rays and heat up through a wood burning stove.

Fortunately, you won’t sleep on the ground. A lofted bedroom sits above the living space, making the best out of the warm air rising from the stove. However, the view from the bed is worth it. Every lone wolf should use Micro Cabin to disconnect at least once in a while.

Getting in touch with your inner self is next to impossible when near modern attention-distraction tools: phones, laptops, magazines. Get a book, an old fashioned lamp and unplug.