Sure, it’s always nice to check out what Bar Refaeli or Ashley Sky have been up to by checking out their instagram from time to time, but I usually do that when I’m lazy, like Sunday mornings. But what if you want to follow something or someone that would maybe inspire you? Of course, you can always check HisPotion’s Instagram feed, and you’ll probably love it as much as you love our Friday Inspiration series, but we thought you deserve even more. So here are 10 of the best travel related or adventurers’ instagram accounts you should follow.

Caley Valunar – instagram.com/caleyvanular

Traveler and snowboarder Caley Valunar documents her trips around the world and does it very well. The number of followers (well over 34,000) stands as evidenced. Have a look, it will give you a good vibe.

Poler – instagram.com/polerstuff

Poler is an American clothing brand, and their instagram focusses mainly on the aesthetics of wildlife, as well as on vehicles and adventures of all kinds. They also came up with a cool hashtag #adventuremobile, that will keep you inspired for a cool couple of hours.

Al Humphreys – instagram.com/al_humphreys

Alastair Humphreys is an adventurer, author, blogger and motivational speaker. But you’ll mostly like him and remember him as a talented  photographer.

Aether – instagram.com/aetherapparel

Official instagram of Aether clothing brand – it has a large network of photographers around the world, so they update pretty often with new adventurous shots.


Hoster Huntington – instagram.com/fosterhunting

Lover of country houses and cabins, Foster Huntington takes in the best tradition of outdoor-aesthetics and has a pronounced passion for detail and a pleasant symmetry fashionable frame in his photos.

Chris Burkard – instagram.com/chrisburkard

Professional photographer Chris Burkard lives a life of dreams, traveling the world and taking excellent photos showing off the boundless beauty of nature.


Unreal Hawaii – instagram.com/unrealhawaii

Unofficial instagram of the entire Hawaiian Archipelago. David Chatsuthiphan runs „the show”, and it’s a pretty amazing show.

Huckberry – instagram.com/huckberry

Photoblog accommodating images of wildlife from around the world and all that is attached to it. Has a contemporary minimalism and wide spread of locations.

Kyle Frost – instagram.com/kylefrost

San Francisco Photographer Kyle Frost captures his hikes and nature from the North American Rocky Mountains area, and he gets some pretty good angles, for your instagram feed.

Julian Bialowas – instagram.com/julianbialowas

Julian defines himself as „happiest in the mountains” and while you’d only expect to see nature related photos, he also shares some pretty cool urban ‘grams.