Autumn is the most spectacular season. Colorful, magic, romantic time with green, orange, yellow leaves falling down the trees and making such a comfortable and rustle nature’s carpet. All around the world there are plenty of places that are perfect for watching fall leaves and colorful sceneries. How not to love this time of the year, when we all know the bitter winds of winter will soon take hold.
Here is my list of top 10 international destinations where you can see autumn colors and its leaves.

1. Nara, Japan

I can’t make up my mind and say what’s more beautiful in Japan, autumn or cherry blossom season in spring. In the ancient capital of Nara, kouyou, or autumn leaves, can be seen from the end of September. Take a short train ride from Kyoto to make a wonderful viewing spot. Nara’s vast park’s richness in color, with sensational views of red, gold and yellow leaves with be deeply remembered by anyone who visits this such amazing place.

2. Forest of Dean, England

Forest of Dean in England is an ancient woodland in Gloucestershire that once was used as a royal hunting ground. Today, it’s the perfect spot for the ‘leaf peeping’. The mix of oak, beech and sweet chestnut provides a rusty riot of yellow and gold. Take a bike or go on foot if you want to enjoy the autumn day in this forest. But be careful! Wild boars have called this place their home since 2006.

3. Transylvania, Romania

It is true that Transylvania is a homeland of a certain vampire called Count Dracula, but when you, guys, visit this scenic region you are not only going to enjoy its imagery of medieval castles but also spectacular views of autumn’s finest foliage. Come to Romania to see plenty of colorful trees.

Colorful autumn landscape in the mountains in Transylvania, Romania.

4. Kyoto, Japan

Japan is best known for its springtime foliage, but the fall colors are just as stunning. Koyo is the leaf-viewing tradition in Japan. The best place for koyo is Kyoto on the island of Honshu. Here you can see vivid leaves. From mid-November through December it is really pleasure to watch the translucent, heavy branches at their colorful height. The trees turn deep reds and blazing oranges during November. It’s easy to predict the peak days for leaf watching in Kyoto. This city is perfect for enjoying the autumn scenes.

Daigo Temple and BentendoFushimi Kyoto Japan Mountain Tree Pond temple Bridge Red leaves Precincts of a temple Fallen leaves

5. Moscow, Russia

Autumn comes on fast in Moscow. This is the perfect moment to bring some energy back into the city. The last days of September can bring something that Russians call „babe leto” – „grandmother’s summer”. So if you want to see perfect colors of Moscow and its boulevards and parks, don’t miss September days.

6. Lombardy, Italy

Lombardy in northern Italy is an ideal place to see Europe burst into color. The native Lombardy poplars turn a bright yellow before their leaves fall to the floor. Lombardy is a perfect choice for those who love being romantic during autumn months.

7. Bavaria, Germany

If you want to spend awesome autumn go to Oktoberfest in Bavaria. It is visited by more than 16 million visitors each year. Enjoy rural parts of Bavaria. See some of Europe’s most beautiful fall colors in Bavaria. Your autumnal excursion can be finished by gazing at the sea of orange and red leaves.

8. Oslo, Norway

Oslo is a really beautiful city at any time of year. Autumn comes early in Scandinavia, but the weather remains sunny and pleasant by the end of October. The Oslomarka Forest is a favorite leaf-viewing destination for locals and tourists. The Palace Park and Vigeland Sculpture Park are also worth visiting for the same sport. If you’re just wandering around town, which is full of trees, you’ll pick up some picturesque scenes.

9. Paris, France

Paris is always a perfect choice for traveling. If you want to get away from everyday life and feel more chic than anywhere else in the world, go during fall season and enjoy spending autumn time in Paris.

10. New York, USA

There is no doubt that Central Park in New York brings fall foliage to this concrete jungle. Colorful and adorable it attracts a lot of tourists who want to spend couple of perfect autumnal days in this gorgeous city.