How many times did you miss an offer of going out in nature with your friends because they always came up with the excuse that there is no possibility of cooking food out there, there’s no comfort, no life like home? Exploring the nature has become one of the main activities everybody practices lately. The main reason for that is technological advance. It makes things that were not possible before a reality. One example for that is the Readyman Pocket Survival Stove, that makes life in the wild easier than before.

This life saver is small and light enough to fit in a pant pocket and can be quickly assembled to focus flames that will boil water in minutes. Once assembled, the stove can burn readily available sticks and grass. It also offers wind and rain protection in order to improve the odds of keeping your fire burning.

The stove is made out of tough stainless steel, it weighs only 3.5 oz. and can be re-used multiple times coming in a waterproof, tear resistant package to keep everything together between uses. The stove is sized just right to boil water in an average soup can or something of similar size. Most importantly it focuses the heat of the flame to provide essential warmth needed in any survival situation while efficiently burning organic matter.

The point is that, at an affordable price, everybody is able to get this “miracle” that the world yearns after it for ages. The Readyman Pocket Survival Stove [$27] can assembled by nearly everybody. People who thought camping is difficult will be amazed by the easiness in assembling your „cooker” in the wild.

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