Valparaiso city

Warm weather is bubbling up from the puddles left by the recent spring rains (at least in our general area of the map), and we are already dreaming about vacationing somewhere exotic, remote and wild. Even if you haven’t recently watched Into the Wild, the movie that makes anyone want to get away from the city, you might still feel the urge to get up from your dusty desk, empty your cup of stale coffee in the sink, pack a light backpack with only the bare necessities and GO.


Our choice of getaway this Wednesday is Chile. Because why not. You get a bounty of
choices, from solitary deserts to chilly summits, from luxurious forests to wind-blown beaches. Chile isn’t that cheap – well, not after South American and Eastern European standards, that’s for sure. But if you’re lucky enough to be from North America or a rich family, this is the place to go to. Unless you prefer doing it the backpacking way, and pitch your tent wherever. No, not literally. Please, do NOT pitch your tent in front of their women. It’s insulting.

From the top places to see in Chile, we recommend the following:

  • Tierra del Fuego – the land of fire! It’s as awesome as it sounds. Located at the end of Patagonia, this island is perfect for all you adventure junkies out there. Packed with remote lakes, huge sheep farms and unknown mountains, you’ll suddenly feel the need to throw your rings in an active volcano or something. It’s that intense. P.S. You can get to Antarctica by boat from there.
  • The Lakes Districts – Green, relaxing and adventurous, the south of Chile is isolated and rustic. Enjoy homemade jams, cakes and lace curtains, not forgetting the climbing, hiking and hot-springs visits that make this retreat a complete adventure for all your eco-freaky senses.
  • Valparaíso – (‘Valpo’ for short) is one of the most interesting and unusual cities from Latin America. It has so much bohemian charm, you’ll feel the sudden urge to take snapshots and write poetry about the sea. It’s so poor, run-down and dirty that it has a certain charm to it, attracting a certain type of visitors. Granted, this place isn’t for the squeamish or snobbish.

If you choose to make Chile your next weekend destination, remember that the currency there is the peso (Ch$), something you are advised to have on you in small bills. The shoestring traveler can live below US$20 per day, but we guarantee you can go even lower than that if you’re determined enough.

Health-wise, it is recommendable to visit a physician four to eight weeks before departure, in order to get the plethora of shots you’ll need for immunization. It’s not fun to get yellow fever while on vacation, trust us on that.

Final summation: have fun and keep your blog updated with awesome pictures. We know you have a blog. Don’t lie.


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