[adsense300gray]Hawley Bowlus manufactured its first riveted traveler trailer almost 80 years ago. Now, we have a designer, John Long by his name, who took the original idea and projected it well into the 21’st century. The Bowlus Road Chief is following the fabulous airplane-design of the original trailer and added some updated mechanics and a different interior, in order to catch up with the times. If you like retro designs but you’re expecting the best there is in the digital age, trust me, the Bowlus Road Chief is the logical choice, given you can afford its hefty price tag : $100,000.

The sexy trailer was officially launched in the Spring of 2013 and it is the sexiest piece of machinery I have ever seen.

The contemporary travel trailers all look the same, but this one plays in a league of its own. It’s a head turner, everywhere you go. This kind of celebrity it will cost you but the design, the workmanship, the finishes and the quality of the materials used in building this beauty will put a smile on your face for many years to come.

The best thing about the Bowlus Road Chief is its timeless design, which endured the last 80 years with flying colors and it’s ready to go into the next century.

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