Book Your Own Getaway Cabin And Live The Dream

If you’re ready for a breakaway, book one of those lovely cabins in New York or Boston, they are completely secluded, quiet and enjoyable in the most natural setting there is. City breaks are cool and fun, but a getaway cabin is indeed a more pleasing experience. They act like the perfect stress relievers. The atmosphere, the vibe, everything is set for you to lose yourself in.

Meet Clara, Ovida and Lorraine in Boston and Maisie, Eleanor and Isidore in New York. If you already live around these parts of the world, we strongly recommend a week-end inside one of them, you need to run away from all the noise and push that pressure release valve all the way to the bottom.

There, a toilet and a shower are waiting, comfy beds prepared and a propane stove, all should be no more than what you need to enjoy the company of your loved ones more than anything. I guess this is why the world turns its face toward a more simplified living, because, after all, what if we forgot to cherish the most important things we got?

Book online, navigate to a two-hour-from-the-city secret location, enjoy simplicity and feed your spirit with the diversity of a life lived to the fullest. Forget about work, deadlines or commuting. Relive what life should be all about.