A ride into the Safari does not sound like a luxuriant activity for many people. After all, there is little chance to find there a seven star hotel or a beach resort, right? Fortunately, Belmond Botswana Safari package offers an almost unbeatable experience. Fancying daily trips over UNESCO heritages, or riding horses over a delta? This is your chance.

A typical starts with a morning helicopter ride. You get to witness uninterrupted aerial views of the area. Next up, get on top of a horse and ride. Incredibly, the journey extends over islands, crystal clear streams and bushes. Furthermore, you will get the chance to get in touch with local fauna. Guides are pleasant and ready to aid and provide information. Nonetheless, safety is at a high standard, just as you would expect.

Accommodation provides Deluxe Tented rooms, elegant and light, featuring a full stocked mini bar. Amenities also include a same-day laundry service Just outside, you have the opportunity to set up a fire pit under the sky. Lighting up the area after witnessing an African sunset is a great way to end the day. Finally, for those who want their own mean of transport, a private helipad and landing strip is available.