Once you get out for the first time in nature, you will never want to go back. Or, at least this is how it works in most cases. Designed as a modern outdoor retreat environment, Cocoon Tree Bed takes the classic tree house and redesigns it to a spherical tent that rests suspended above the ground. Twelve elongated rods fixate the top part of the Cocoon while twelve shorter rods are used for the lower part of the sphere.


On the outside, the sphere comes covered in either korea tarpaulin (with the basic package) or ferrari tarpaulin (with the more expensive deluxe package).Inside the T6 aluminum structure a 2.4 meter radial mattress has been emplaced. The mattress is built from high density foam, with elegantly tailored linens. It’s all fun and games, until you need to figure out a way to get inside the tent. Access is done through via security nets, which requires a set of stable feet; not quite the best choice for one who had is mind tampered with by a few beers. Still, since the tent is not recommended for high levels of elevation from the soil, tangling into the net is the only danger here.

Given its T6 aluminum structure, the overall weight of Cocoon Tree Bed rests at around 120kg. While it is not the lightest of them, one must not worry about ridiculous weight limits like with other suspended tents. Overall, the sphere looks good on the outside and feels nice on the inside, making it a great retreat for the forest, lake or mountain side. Maybe a few solar-powered LEDs to shed some light when the sun fades away might have been a great addition.


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