Think you are ready to test your survival skills? Hispotion is offering a list of top 5 best places for testing them. Here you can choose between desert island experience, North Pole expedition or even survival run in Nicaragua.

But be careful and don’t forget to let your friends, family or maybe police officers know the exact time and place of your adventure.
First of all, you guys should master these essential survival skills if you want to go outdoors and test them.

#1 Survival skill -Locating a Suitable Campsite


#2 Survival Skill – Building a Shelter


#3 Survival Skill – Starting a Fire With a Battery

#4 Survival Skill – Building Your Fire

#5 Survival Skill – Finding clean water

#6 Survival Skill – Collecting Water With a Transpiration Bag

#7 Survival Skill – Identifying Edible Plants

#8 Survival Skill – Using a Split-tip Gig to Catch Critters

#9 Survival Skill – Navigating By Day

#10 Survival Skill – Navigating By Night

#11 Survival Skill – Tying a Bowline

#12 Survival Skill – Sending Up a Survival Signal

After mastering these skills you guys are ready for the adventure. So let me begin and present top 5 locations where you should test these twelve essential survival skills listed above.

#1 Idanre Hills, the Western Nigeria

Maybe at first sight you would say that Idanre Hills looks like an easy climb, but it really isn’t. It’s one of World Heritage Sites listed by UNESCO. If you are one of the world’s adventure seekers go and check this place out. I am sure your survival skills, such as navigation, signaling, knot tying, first aid and basic fire-starting will be under big test.

#2 Bear Grylls Survival Academy, Zimbabwe

One of the best known survivalist is for sure Bear Grylls. If you want to become a member of his army, choose one of his academies around the world. Its instructors were picked by Grylls himself and they can teach you how to eat disgusting things or survive freezing temperatures. Hispotion’s favourite academy is situated by Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. There you can take an intense five-day course. Here you will be taught all survival skills from lighting a fire, treating rancid water to building a shelter in the bush.

#3 Fuego y Agua Hunter Gatherer Survival Run, Nicaragua

This 80km ‘adapt or die’ race is sometimes held in the USA and sometimes in Nicaragua. Survival runners climb, swim, dig and run over brutal wilderness terrain. For this race you must have some endurance race experience. The gear looks like something you would find on a survival course than a marathon.

#4 Bob Cooper Outback Survival, Australia

The Australian outback is one of the world’s most inhospitable places. You can’t find better place to test your survival skills. Bob Cooper is Australia’s most legendary survivalist who can teach you skills you need to survive the 30+°C heat. Cooper’s basic three-day Wilderness Survival course will test your skills in fire building, navigation, foraging and building shelters. (

#5 Polar Explorers’ North Pole expedition

The one and only – the North Pole! Worldwide explorers dream of its cold and climbing for far longer than any other mountain. If you want to try North Pole expedition just contact the company Polar Explorers ( The company offers everything from five-day in-and-out ski tours to full 60-day expeditions.

Just do it!



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