A special type of bucket list: As a man it is your duty to visit these 9 European cities before you yourself will kick the rattling kettle.

1. Amsterdam

With legal (read: tolerated) Marihuana purchase and a world-renowned red light district Amsterdam is every adolescent man’s dream – if you are no older than 19, that is. Soon enough ‘getting high’ will get old and real women will prove themselves more interesting than the stale exhibition of Amsterdam’s Sexmuseum. A maybe for the more mature traveler, Amsterdam remains a must for all youngsters.


2. Budapest

This city isn’t called The Wonderful for nothing. Not only geographically located in between East and West, Budapest combines the best of both worlds in every aspect. In one word, Budapest is the ultimate compromise between Western professionalism and the Eastern European craze of more appealing women and a lower cost of living. No wonder the city is so popular with Western expats and travelers. A definite go-to destination.


3. Hamburg

How about partying in the same club where the Beatles played their first gig? Yup, t’was in Hamburg, not in Liverpool. Germany’s second largest city is known for its spread-out nightlife area Reeperbahn where clubs, bars and concert venues blend in with one of Europe’s largest red-light districts. Also home to Europe’s second largest harbor after Rotterdam the annual festival Hafengeburtstag (‘port’s birthday’) attracts more than 1 million visitors.


4. Kiev

The most underrated European metropolis ever. While actually being a perfectly safe city it is Ukraine’s edginess that helps prevent the obvious hipster invasion from the West. If it wasn’t for protests and conflicts the city would be an El Dorado of Starbucks Cafes by now. Mind you that the stress, in any case, is on ‘would’: Instead of Starbucks and cupcake stores the Kiev of today brings you a decent city beach as well as nightclubs where women constantly outnumber men. Highly recommended.


5. Berlin

4 million people and 8 times as big as Paris, Berlin is huge and cool. Even if you are not part of the hipster/artist/alternative crowd that has been invading the city for the past ten years Berlin has a lot to offer to you. From history and art to probably the most limitless nightlife in continental Europe Berlin still is one of the best cities for single men.


6. Copenhagen

The only Scandinavian city in the list. Even though smaller than Oslo, Stockholm and even Helsinki Copenhagen has quite a bit going on for itself. Adventurous harbor baths and a thriving bar scene that is on-par with that of London or Barcelona make up for a great experience. Forgive them the 16€ you will spend for the average cocktail and make Copenhagen the starting point for your further travels into Scandinavia.


7. Krakow

If you had to choose between visiting either Wroclaw or Warsaw when traveling to Poland then Krakow would be your perfect choice. Krakow neither has the slight dull vibe of Wroclaw nor has it been disfigured with Stalinist architectural pomp like it was the fate of Warsaw. Krakow is Poland’s most thriving and most international city and if you ever wanted to see what the hotspot in up-and-coming Poland looks like then Krakow is the way to go.


8. Milan

If style was a city it would be Milan. Seriously. Nowhere in Paris, New York City or elsewhere in the world will you find such a high density of anything style-related as in Northern Italy’s buzziest city. Do not miss out on the local culture of the aperitivo where you buy one drink and get a full buffet of local specialties to go along with it. On a side note, this year they are also hosting the world fair. Again.


9. Prague

No travel bucket list would be complete without the Czech capital. Mind you that Prague’s golden days are long gone since by now everybody and his stepdad has heard about Prague as being a great city for men. However, if you avoid the summer months and get to know some locals who will show you the non-touristy things to do then Prague is definitely worth a visit.


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