Looking for a trail?

If you are looking for a new trail to host you this summer, there is some great news for you – the Santa Monica Mountains are ready to offer an amazing experience. You will get a chance to enjoy the views from two completely different worlds. Get to see the vastness of the Pacific Ocean and check out the civilization up and down the shore line. The mountain peaks, mesmerising cliffs, the forests – you get to see all of that on this new trail.

It took years of easements and building but the 67 mile long trail is nearly completed. Just keep in mind that this particular trail is going to be a challenge. There is climbing and descending around sandcliff stones and then there is the area of the canyons that you need to get through. Rock climbing and mountain biking are also popular in this area. There are also plenty of camping places along the trail, so sleeping is not a problem.

The National Park Service has closed escrow on 40-acre donations of land and within ten days the two remaining parcels will be brought in the National Park Service system as well. As the „LA Times” claims, the making of this trail has been hindered over the years by private properties. A lot of hard working volunteers helped to complete this amazing project near Los Angeles. A bit green near a big, loud and dirty city is always welcome. On June 4th the National Park Service will commemorate the completion of the 67 mile long project. So get your favorite gear ready and try out this amazing trail once it is open to the public. It will be a mind-blowing experience.