Western Culture Turned Upside Down

In case you enjoy discovering new places and getting to know different cultures you simply need to read this post and check out all the reasons why you should visit Iran this year. Iran is the hearth of one of the greatest and oldest civilizations that ever were, the Persian empire, and it has a rich cultural and historical heritage.

The first thing that you need to see is the Golestan Palace (Roseland Palace) in the capital of the country – Tehran. The palace is the oldest historical monument in the city. The gardens will leave you breathless as well as the beautifully painted and decorated walls all the way through the complex.

Then there is the Arg-e Bam citadel, located in Ban, Southeastern Iran. It was once an important trading spot on the famous Silk Road and dates back to the Achaemenid period. It has wind-towers that were supposed to catch  the wind and direct it through the buildings, like an ancient air conditioning system.

The Yazd Atash Behram temple in Yazd and its ancient fire. It was built in 1934 to enshrine the “Victorious Fire” that dates back to 470 AD. This is a place where the religion of the Zoroastrians is still practiced today.
You should also check out many of the traditional restaurants because the food is simply divine. There are many market bazaars and this is something that you need to see, at least once in your life. Vakil Bazaar is the main bazaar of Shiraz, and it is located in the historical center of the city. It was first established in the 11th century and it is full of beautiful courtyards, bathhouses and old shops.