If you like to travel around and you don’t want to leave your house behind, well, you can get yourself a caravan . Snails do that, so why don’t you?  And while we’re at it, why not go buy yourself  an ultra light caravan, especially one like in the Alto series, from SafariCondo? This type of mobile home comes with luxuries like a king size bed that’s convertible to twin beds (who wants that anyway?) and a retractable roof. Basically, you can imagine you own a convertible car and you drive it from your bed, or something like that.

[adsense300gray]Anyway, besides the retractable roof and the imperial bed, you’ll get a fixed flush toilet, a dining area that’s available when the bed is up and a table. I mean, that’s a house, right? What else can you ask more from this life? The coolest thing about this travel trailer is its high tech roof, made of a single sheet of aluminum, using no joints. You can open/close by pushing a button, being powered by electric actuators. It also has an aerodynamic shape while closed, having an excellent drag ratio, way better than regular trailers.

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